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PEGASUS: your guide to breakthrough ideas

  • Comment définir efficacement le problème et choisir le contexte le plus pertinent.
  • Comment utiliser efficacement les ressources et transformer tout déchet en ressource.
  • Comment aborder le challenge non-technologique de l'entreprise (gestion des conflits, marketing, réduction des coûts …)
  • Comment minimiser les risques : trouver la panne avant qu'elle ne survienne.

Pour vous faire une idée complète de la principale force motrice du processus inventif, nous vous conseillons de suivre ce cours en vous appuyant sur le Manuel de l'Inventeur.

Disponible au prix de £159.75 sur le site des auteurs.

Bientôt disponible avec sous-titres en français.





TRIZ video courses from Institute of Innovative Design

Institute of Innovative Design provides full set of tutorial on TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving), FCA (functional-cost analysis), Innovative Design, Improvement of creative imagination by true TRIZ Master Dr.Yuri Salamatov. There are 3 level of tutorial:

  • Introduction to TRIZ (2 DVD) -$550
  • Advanced TRIZ knowledge (3DVD) - $1200
  • TRIZ Professional (4 DVD) - $2500
  • Improvement of creative imagination (1 DVD) - $750

Le package complet est aussi disponible au prix de £400 sur le site des auteurs.





PEGASUS: powerful tool for innovative thinking

PEGASUS is a video-course to enhance your analytical thinking skills, inspire creative approach to challenges and open your imagination turning you into a natural inventor. 

PEGASUS provides an algorithm that facilitates creating solutions for the challenges if standard solutions are not applicable. Use the PEGASUS when cheap and reliable solutions are to be delivered here and now.

  • Students who study innovation will benefit from PEGASUS. 

  • Companies may use PEGASUS as a lunch time course.

PEGASUS video course is based on TRIZ –Inventive Problem Solving System that guarantees reliable and resourceful solutions to any challenge. Most of the large manufacturing companies employ TRIZ experts to support their innovative potential.  

Address your challenges systematically with PEGASUS video course and open your talent to its full potential!

What's on the DVD:

  1. Film 1: Inventive mind 
  2. Film 2: Core of a challenge 
  3. Film 3: Ideal Final Result
  4. Film 4: Context 
  5. Film 5: Resources
  6. Film 6: Contradictions and resolutions

If you would like to see the trial version, please  click here.

Disponible au prix de £81.40 sur le site des auteurs.





PEGASUS guide to breakthrough ideas: Alphabet for Win-Win Solutions

PEGASUS is a great innovation booster: you get breakthrough ideas on demand. DVD is full of visual examples, animations, impressive stories and case studies, which makes it fun for students and powerful aid for lecturers who teach innovation, creativity, TRIZ and LEAN. “Alphabet for Win-Win Solutions” is the seventh, the last video from PEGASUS series, but it can be used as stand-alone film, which describes 40 thinking patterns to spark creative thinking, instruction how to use them and illustrative case study. 
You may be surprised that a whole variety of solutions to any problem can be developed just by 40 general principles that sparkle breakthrough ideas. To find out which inventive principle resolves your challenge best, you need to use the Contradiction Matrix, which is also included in DVD as a pdf file.

What is on the Disc:

  • 40 Inventive Principles
  • How to get a win-win solution: Contradiction Matrix
  • How to use PEGASUS algorithm: case study

Disponible au prix de £89.75 sur le site des auteurs.

Vidéos BioTRIZ (in English)





Film 1: Inventive Mind

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein). 

PEGASUS, based on TRIZ, is a video-course to enhance your analytical thinking skills and inspire creative approach to challenges.

You may be surprised that a whole variety of problems fit nicely into only two models, and a whole variety of solutions can be described with just 40 general principles. You decide which model best suits your situation and get the answer.

  • What is an inventive challenge?
  • Where and how to learn the skills of resolving non-standard challenges?
  • What is TRIZ , how it was developed and what are the capabilities of this problem solving system?

Disponible au prix de £10.00 sur le site des auteurs.





Film 2: Core of a Challenge

We often do not see the solution, because we cannot see the problem. In this film you learn how to state you challenge in such a way that solution appears at the surface:

  • You may see a large problem where there are no problems at all
  • You may find benefits in apparently negative situations
  • You may ignore or delegate a problem
  • Explore four key principles to designing inventive solutions

Disponible au prix de £8.00 sur le site des auteurs.




Film 3: Ideal Final Result

Once you have defined your challenge, why not to start from the end: from the solution itself? The Ideal Final Result describes the simplest solution to a problem ignoring any constraints; it is that “miracle” you would like to have. In this video you learn:

  • To define your goals correctly
  • It is worth targeting seemingly impossible things
  • Consider the conditions for miracles

Disponible au prix de £12.00 sur le site des auteurs.




Film 4: Context

A product that is used or positioned in the wrong context always is an actual or potential cause of a problem. This means that approaching a problem, the first thing we need to do is thoroughly investigate its context of use and look for the contexts where your challenge never appears. In this film you learn how to:

  • Investigate the problem in various contexts, where the problem may surface.
  • Define the context of your challenge and consider the context where your challenge is already resolved or never appears.
  • Fully understand the context  to be able to predict a problem, or even realise that the problem is imaginary.
  • Sharing the context  helps us to understand each other.
  • Context definition helps to see the resources that are available for us to make changes. 

Disponible au prix de £22.00 sur le site des auteurs.




Film 5: Resources

If the project requires a lot of additional resources (material, time, money, etc.) then it is the wrong path to the solution. This film shows how to turn any waste or harm into benefit. In this film you learn:

  • How to turn your main obstacle into a resource.
  • Where and how to look for free resources.
  • Achieve the Ideal Solution for free.

Disponible au prix de £23.00 sur le site des auteurs.




Film 6: Contradictions and Resolutions

Do not be afraid of contradictions, search for them. If you can see the obstacles you use them for your benefit, if you do not see them, they will hold you back from your dream. In this film you learn that:

  • Clashing points of goals and obstacles are called contradictions.
  • Obstacles can create the conditions to radical solutions.
  • Contradictions can be resolved on win-win basis using six basic principles

Disponible au prix de £34.00 sur le site des auteurs.


Algorithm For Inventive Problem Solving

An inventive challenge never looks trivial and very often seems impossible. Can you jump 10 meters high? The answer is NO, you can’t do that. But you can use the stairs instead! Similarly, instead of trying to solve a problem in one go, instantly, we can use a step-by-step method, which leads to the ideal solution. In this animation the fundamental inventive mind-set is broken down into seven stages. Each stage takes you through a series of questions that lead you through the process. 


Animation disponible au prix de £7.20 sur le site des auteurs.